Red background and floor created in cardboard covered in fabric creates the base for 10 hand stitched modes of transport. This includes a red coach, a black aeroplane, a black boat, a blue car, a green car, a black steam train, a black bicycle, a person with short black hair wearing a red top and blue trousers, a blue and black helicopter. The modes of transport are mounted on wide and stick up from the red base. Behind the modes of transport is a hand stitched sign with black font reading Andrews Transport Museum on a white background with blue border.


 Four images two above and two below. All the images are of the same black women in the top left hand picture her body is side on the camera and her head is looking back over her shoulder towards the floor. The picture is of just her head and shoulder. She has an afro and is naked. In the top right hand picture you can see her head and shoulders. She is side on to the camera facing to the left. Her face is looking up to the sky and she is screaming with her eyes shut. The bottom left hand picture is a mirrored picture of the woman screaming up she is facing to the right. The bottom right hand picture is the mirror image of the top left hand picture.

Social Model of Disability

A black and white picture of two individuals a number of which are women in wheelchairs being pushed by others. Five people are carrying placards which read ‘Disability + Poverty = Despair’

How Did We Get Here

Black and white picture of four white men behind a podium, three seated one standing at a microphone. In front of them is a banner that reads Disabled Drivers Association Fights for a Better Deal for the Disabled.

Disabled People’s Movement

A number of red hexagon patches with gold stitching on them.


A black and white picture of around 20 people sat in the middle of a road in front of a large building with Millbank Tower written above the front door. There are several wheelchair users as well as non-wheelchair users sat in the road.

Thank You