Nothing About Us Without Us

Artists at Venture Arts have come together to create a banner that reflects the resilience, talent and history of the disabled peoples movement.

This banner was designed by a group of learning disabled textile artists from Venture Arts. We started by looking at traditional banners, artists and textile pieces for inspiration. As we wanted the banner to have a huge impact, we felt it was important to ask other learning disabled people to help in the creation. We sent out over 500 red patches to various art studios for learning disabled people, schools, colleges and day centres across England, Scotland and Wales. We asked that each patch was created by one person and they were to draw and stitch onto it something that represented them. These patches were then sent back to Venture Arts where we joined them all together.

The group have been working with the People’s History Museum for a while and enjoyed visiting the museum. They had learnt about the different colours used throughout the museum and the meanings of each one. They decided they wanted to use red and gold as red represents courage and revolution, and gold represents ambition.

The text that centres the banner is a slogan from the Disabled People’s Movement that still rings true today; that nothing about disabled people should be decided without us. We should have choice and control over our own lives.



A number of red hexagon patches with gold stitching on them.

Three sets of three hexagon patches placed together, two red hexagon and one gold in each set of three.

A collection of red hexagon patches laid on a table.

 A collection of red hexagon patches laid on a table.

A picture taken from above of a blond women stitching a red hexagon patch

A picture of a banner made up of hundreds of red hexagons with gold text written over the top reading ‘Nothing about us without us’.

A close up of red and gold hexagon patches the gold patches have red stitching saying ‘20th Anniversary’ and ‘Disability Discrimination Act’.

A young man in a red t-shirt holding up a red hexagon patch that is being stitched

A picture of the gallery with a number of frames hung up. A banner is hung up made of red hexagon patches with gold writing which says ‘Nothing about us without us’

 A collection of red hexagon patches laid on a table.

A black man, white man and white woman sit at a table stitching red hexagon patches

A picture taken from above of a white man with a blue t-shirt stitching red hexagon patches